About us


Municipal facility “The regional folk art and cultural educational Center” of Poltava oblast Council, has a long and fruitful history of supporting and popularizing Ukrainian culture and folklore in various ways. By organizing and curating folklore festivals, conducting regional contests for amateur chorus and vocal competitions for rural cultural centers, directing art exhibitions to promote new artists in Poltava and through publishing work, constantly producing pamphlets and catalogues for famous regional artists, composers and ensembles.

The history of the institution “The regional folk art and cultural educational Center” begins in 1939, when by the decision of the Government of the Ukrainian SSR in regional centers were created folk arts house.

In different years, the name “Regional folk art and cultural educational Center” changed, but the main tasks remained: to study, conserve, develop and popularize various types and genres of folk arts, organization of leisure activities of various segments for population, coordination of club houses, practical and methodological work aimed at the use of the rich cultural heritage of Poltava region, generalization and dissemination of the best experience, publishing of advertising and repertoire products, cooperation with public organizations, etc.

On July 27, 2005, a certificate on state registration of a legal entity was obtained, and the management of the property of the Poltava Regional Council approved the Statute of the municipal institution under name - “The regional folk art and cultural educational Center” of the Poltava Regional Council.

All employers are specialists with relevant higher education and special education in the main activities, as well as departments of motion picture, occupational safety, fire safety and technical supervision and economic.

“The regional folk art and cultural educational Center” rents free of charge the premises on the fifth floor of the Poltava I.P. Kotlyarevsky Regional Universal Scientific Library in the department of film and video art at the former film base (with payment for utilities).

The Center has two units of vehicles - VAZ 21043 and VAZ 21102 (cars are 12 and 9 years accordingly).

In cooperation with the department of culture and tourism of regional state administration, multiple of traditional mass events are organized and held annually, for example:


- "Grebika chamber" - in Grebinka village, the homeland of writer Yevhen Hrebinka;

- "Songs of the Lilac Grove" - ​​in the village of Dykanka;

- "Reshetilovka Spring" - in the village Reshetilovka, the center of traditional folk arts like - embroidery, carpet, weaving;

- "Colors of Lemkivshchyna" - in the village Lyutenski Budyshcha in the Zinkiv district;

- “Our beautiful ancestry” - in Shyshaky, to mark Mother's Day and International Family Day;

- "I would have taken the bandura" - in the village of Velyka Bahachka - in honor of the memory of kobzar Fedir Kushnerik;

- "Viburnum festivities" - in the village of Grabarivka of the Piryatinsky district - in the homeland of Grygory Levchenko - Honored Worker of Arts of Ukraine, head of the Ukrainian folk choir "Kalyna" of the Poltava V.G. Korolenko National Pedagogical University named after;

- " Wellspring of Songs" - at the birthplace of Hero of Ukraine Oleksandr Bilash in the settlement of Hradizk in the Globinsky district;

- "Maryina Valley" - in the village Chernyakivka of the Chutov district - in honor of the memory of the outstanding artist Marie Bashkirtseff;

- Festival of children's creative arts "Mirgorodsky Kvitogray" in Mirgorod;

- "Come, come to me, Green Sunday" - in the town of Novi Sanzhary;

- "Green Holiday of the Gonchar Childhood" - in the village Sycha in Kobelyatsky district - homeland of Oles Gonchar;

- Fair-exhibition at the National Sorochynsky Fair, during which took place the contest for folk groups, trinity musicians, harmonists and bandura players of the region, humor festival "Laughing with Gogol", vocal competition "Chysta Krynytsya" and other entertainments at multiple stages;

- "Autumn Gold" - at home of poet-songwriter Dmitry Lutsenko in the village Berezova Rudka of the Piryatinsky District;

- "Flourish, praise the songs with glory, our glorious Kovpaksky region" – in Kotelva - home to the Hero of the Soviet Union, the organizer of the guerrilla movement in Ukraine Sydir Kovpak;

- "Holiday of Merry Wisdom" - at the homeland of poet Leonid Glibov in Veselyi Podil of the Semenivsky district;

- "Blessed be, traces of the traveler of Skovoroda" - in the homeland of Hryhorii Skovoroda in the village Chornukhy;

- "Be blessed, Theotokos!" - in the village Shcherbani of Poltava district in honor of the memory of the chronicler of the Cossack era Samiilo Velychko;

- Christmas eves.

To a great extent, “The regional folk art and cultural educational Center” was involved in conducting the final concert of the Masters of Arts and Art Collectives - "Glory to the Poltava Family" in 2009. More than 650 performers of 30 professional and amateur groups, representing art and folklore of our region the artistic director of the Academic and Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine Mykola Lysenko - the great-grandson of the founder of Ukrainian classical music, winner of the Taras Shevchenko National Prize of Ukraine, professor of the Tchaikovsky National Music Academy - Diana Petrinenko, national artist of Ukraine, winner of the Taras Shevchenko National Prize of Ukraine, soloist of the Taras Shevchenko National Opera of Ukraine Roman Mayboroda with a great extent they were representing artistic abilities of Poltava region on a grand stage of Ukraine.

One of the forms of work of “The regional folk art and cultural educational Center” is to organize and conduct regional reviews-competitions by genres of folk art, regional tours of All-Ukrainian competitions, in particular:

- marching parade of brass bands;

- competition for family ensembles - “Our beautiful ancestry”;

- an exhibition-competition of works by female artists during festival - "Maryina Valley";

- competition of folk groups at the Sorochinsky Fair;

- competition of duets, trio, quartets for the festival "Autumn Gold";

- competition of amateur composers;

- competition of solo vocalists for the prize named after Diana Petrinenko;

- a competition for comic readers on "Holiday of merry Wisdom";

- evaluation tour for regional participants in Ukrainian festival "Red Ruta";

- regional evaluation tour for participation in Ukrainian festival of folk choreography named after Pavlo Virsky.

Every year 2-3 competitions and ratings are held on different types of cultural and leisure activities: amateur associations and clubs of interest, as well as rural cultural institutions during the Ukrainian contests, etc.

To commemorate the important dates in the life of the state, the “The regional folk art and cultural educational Center” initiates conducting regional reviews of folk arts with a jury from regional district. Thanks to these activities, it is possible to analyze the state of cultural development, the artistic level, the material base of amateur collectives.

The acquired information on the field is used in the preparation of programs for regional events to mark State Holidays, anniversary dates in the life of the state and prominent figures of culture of Ukraine.

Every 3 years, “The regional folk art and cultural educational Center” organizes the work of a committee to review the programs of collectives for the award of honorary titles and recertification of amateur collectives of Poltava region, bearing the title of "folk" and "exemplary", according to the results of which the relevant documentation is prepared.

Annually, four to five private art exhibitions of works by amateur masters and artists are held in various Poltava venues curated by “The regional folk art and cultural educational Center” staff, as well as exhibitions at many regional holidays.

Up to 15 titles of printed materials are being prepared for publication: collections of songs, catalogs of exhibitions, booklets from work experience, promotional products of events, diplomas and certificates to participants of regional competitions, etc. Video clips about cultural and artistic events are filmed. The 70 videos that have become history (nearly 300 of which have been uploaded to the Video Library) have been digitized and this work is ongoing.

Together with the Department of Education and Science, the Department of Family and Youth of the Poltava Regional State Administration, “The regional folk art and cultural educational Center” works on the annual inter-university festival-competition “Student Spring” is held annually and the final concert of the winners is completed.

In terms of creative work “The regional folk art and cultural educational Center” aspires for launching cultural and artistic events on a regional scale in those areas where they are not present, improvement, diversification of programs of traditional mass events, organization of art exhibitions, competitions and reviews, seminars and trainings for the leaders of amateur groups, publishing repertory, etc., as well as on behalf of management – to conduct and curate mass events on various topics.